District set to move on MDV Sale

We must look back a few years to understand better the full context of the old Meadow View (MDV) sale. The year was 2016, and Oconomowoc was facing another referendum. The district had just finished mailing residents an informative newsletter highlighting the details of the looming referendum. The newsletter implied that if the referendum were approved, the school district would sell the old MDV, including the building and the land. The referendum was approved, and now, nearly seven years later, the old MDV has yet to be sold. In the meantime, the district estimates the cost to maintain the property at approximately $40,000 annually.

Of course, the waters have been muddied over the last few years. Obstacles like a dubious gaggle of former board members, a comprehensive superintendent search, and a political pandemic all hindered progress. Clearly, our community has had its challenges over recent years. Yet now the time has come to put excuses aside, make good on commitments made to the citizens of Oconomowoc, and finally sell the old MDV. Selling the old MDV is a tremendous opportunity for the community and School Board to work together for a long-overdue win on this initiative. Here is the plan to make it happen.