To build a community of civically engaged citizens represented by leaders that share their character, conservative values, and commitment to a prosperous Oconomowoc.



They say, "life comes naturally here in Oconomowoc!" The many challenges of guiding our growing community also come naturally here. Citizens Engaged for Oconomowoc is a community group that envisions a more prosperous Oconomowoc achieved by empowering citizens to engage in their local government and community.

A citizen engaged will be well-informed, action-oriented, focused on solutions, committed to our community, and of course, conservative. We will have our struggles, disagreements, and victories along the way. This tenuous process should be expected, as we will often address sensitive political topics that impact us personally. Nevertheless, we have every reason to be optimistic that our community will come together for Oconomowoc.

We encourage spirited debate over false compliance to popular opinions. After all, we are a group of conservative thinkers, which implies that we are also fiercely independent thinkers who make our own decisions. That said, we recognize constructive and respectful discussions are essential for our group to reach its full potential. Ultimately, we must find balance and keep minor differences from eclipsing the vast opportunities we have to build on common ground.

We value and appreciate elected officials that have stepped forward to represent us. They deserve our respect and support, but we must also be able to hold them accountable. Our approach can be summarized this way. We will not be attack dogs, nor will we be lap dogs; we will be watchdogs. This means we will call things as we see them and manage our relationships with elected officials to maintain a professional and objective perspective.

There will be times to express dissatisfaction and hold others to account. However, there must also be a time to hold ourselves to account for our contribution to the solution. This calling will be challenging; solutions that satisfy us all are hard to come by. We can build those solutions together by staying engaged, applying conservative principles, and challenging the status quo with innovative new ideas. Whether you are an elected officeholder or an office worker, we all have a valuable contribution to make.